President Trump’s mismanagement of the hurricane recovery effort in Puerto Rico is a national disgrace. Thousands of people died while his administration failed to adequately respond after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Trump’s nasty rhetoric and refusal to provide much-needed recovery funds has made clear that Trump doesn't care about Puerto Rico or its diaspora.

If Trump wins, Puerto Ricans lose. The facts: 

  • The Trump Administration’s slow and botched response to Hurricane Maria and its subsequent treatment of Puerto Rico, where 3,000 lives were lost, is a national disgrace.

  • Trump continues to lie about how much aid Puerto Rico has received. The truth is Trump prefers that Puerto Ricans who are in dire need, 30,000 of who still have blue tarps on their homes, would receive no aid.  

  • Under his watch, FEMA and HUD have been under the microscope for bad contracts, political interference in Congressionally-authorized funding, and for stymying investigations into these matters.


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