Trump's economic policies are helping the top 1% get further ahead while Latinos get left behind. Trump and congressional Republicans’ GOP Tax Scam gave major corporations and the ultra-wealthy a trillion-dollar tax cut and stuck hard-working middle-class families with the bill. 

If Trump wins, we lose on the economy. The facts: 

  • Latino families continue to have 8.5 times less wealth than the average white family under Trump’s presidency.  

  • Trump’s $2.6 billion cuts to the Department of Labor would result in the erosion of programs that help many Latinos, including worker safety training, migrant farm worker training, and job training for disadvantaged youth.

  • 1.8 million Latinos would be affected by the $8.8 billion cuts to the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  

  • Trump and congressional Republicans continue to threaten Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare in order to pay the $1.5 trillion tax for the GOP Tax Scam. 


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